Why Evansville?

Supply Chain Management – Why Evansville Indiana?

The city of Evansville located in the southwest corner of Indiana and is a perfectly located distribution point.


  • Evansville is located within 15 miles of the median center of the U.S.
  • Trucks dispatched from Evansville reach 85 of the top 100 manufacturing counties in the U.S.
  • Rail – served by CSX www.csx.com and Norfolk Southern www.nscorp.com
  • River – served from the port of Mt. Vernon, IN www.portsofindiana.com
  • Truck – Interstate 64 provides East-West access to Louisville, Kentucky, and St. Louis, Missouri.
  • U.S. Hwy 41 provides four-lane access to Chicago and Miami, Florida.
  • New Interstate 69 connecting from Texas/Mexico to Canada through Evansville.
  • Evansville Chamber of Commerce www.ccswin.com
  • Economic Development Coalition of SW Indiana www.southwestindiana.org