Transloading & Packaging

    • Railcar to Truck
    • Truck to Railcar
    • Super Sacks to Bulk Truck
    • Gaylord Boxes to Bulk Truck
    • Super Sacks to Railcar
    • Gaylord Boxes to Railcar

Any container type (railcar, bulk truck, boxes, etc.) to any packing container (gaylords, super sacks, bags, etc.)

Plastics Testing

      Test               Method

Melt Flow Index                             ASTM D1238img_4191
Notched Izod                                 ASTM D256
Filler Content                                 ASTM D5630
Percent Moisture                           ASTM D6980
Mold Shrinkage L/T                      ASTM D955
Specific Gravity                             ASTM D792
Flammability                                 UL94
Shore A and D                               ASTM D2240
Gardner Impact                             ASTM D5420
Tensile Properties                         ASTM D638
Flexural Properties                        ASTM D790

Bulk Plastic Storage and Blend

We utilize several large stainless silos to create a large batch blend that enables full truckloads to be utilized as one lot.

Additional Value Services

  • Injection Molding
  • Screening
  • Blending