Cross Docking

Cross Docking Logistics Companies

In warehousing cross docking is freight moving inbound in volume, truckload or carload, SKU or order loaded, to a warehouse and outbound, LTL, within a short time and no storage is required. In many cases 72 hours or less is included by logistics companies in a cross docking rate. You by-pass storage charges by using cross docking and we are specialists in this advance 3PL service.

Car Pooling Distribution

Car pooling service goes hand in hand with Cross-Docking. When truckloads arrive at our warehouse we unload the goods, break them down into individual orders and ship them out to your customers. This eliminates multiple LTL shipments from point of origin and better utilizes truckload quantities. This all takes place within 48 hours.

Cross Docking is a sound strategy:

    • Consistently shipping from manufacturing site(s) to multiple customers, results in frequent and costly small shipments (less-than-truckload) that have to travel long distances. Cross docking allows companies to send bulk shipments via full truckload, intermodal container, or railcar to MAW distribution center that is closer to the customer’s base, making pool delivery possible and/or reducing the LTL expense by reducing the distance to the destination customers.
    • If you require the unloading and merging of bulk shipments from various points of manufacture for the combining of specified SKU’s to fulfill individual or store orders.
    • Have a regional customer base that is far from the origin of manufacture and demands a short delivery window between the time of order placement and the requested delivery date.
    • Do not have the physical space, equipment, labor, or materials required for special order fulfillment, palletizing, labeling and packaging activities at their manufacturing site.
    • Wish to reduce the amount of excess inventory stored at their own facility or manufacturing site, either to reduce inventory carrying costs or simply due to limited available space.