3PL Warehousing and Transloading

Third Party Logistics Services

Public Warehousing

  • A public warehouse provides short or long-term storage to a variety of businesses, usually on a month-to-month basis.
  • A public warehouse will generally use their own equipment and staff, however, agreements may be made where the client either buys or subsidizes equipment.
  • Public warehouse fees are a combination of storage fees (per pallet or actual sq. footage), transaction handling fees (inbound and outbound) and Value Added Service fees such as Cross Docking.
  • Public warehouses are most often used to supplement space requirements of a private warehouse.
  • Public Warehousing term of use is defined by Article 7 of the Uniform Commercial Code as having a 30-day term.
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Contract Warehousing

  • A client commits to a specific period of time for warehousing management services.
  • Fees for contract warehousing may be transaction and storage based, fixed, cost-plus, or any combination.
  • A longer term is the domain of contract warehousing marked as a true partnership between provider and user because of the sharing of information for the purposes of warehousing management.
  • A contract can be for space and operations, space (customer provides the labor) or operations (customer controls the space).

Transloading Services

Morton Avenue Warehouse logistic warehousing & transloading services division will combine LTL shipments of separate companies into a single load that moves to one customer, multiple customers or into an area for redistribution. We transfer bulk plastics from rail cars to trucks, gaylords, supersacks, or 50 lb. bags as needed by customer. Other bulk plastic services include storing in customer dedicated silos, blending, and laboratory testing.

Cross Docking

Cross docking is freight moving inbound in volume, truckload or carload, SKU or order loaded, to a warehouse and outbound, LTL, within a short time and no storage is required. In many cases 72 hours or less is included by logistics companies in a cross docking rate. You by-pass storage charges by using cross docking. Contact us for additional info.